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The College of Science and Humanities offers a 120-credit hour Bachelor of Science in Psychology Degree. This program is broadly conceived and includes both academic and experiential opportunities for students who may wish, upon graduation, to pursue a variety of opportunities in psychology.

The Bachelor's of Science in Psychology curriculum exposes students to foundational content that helps them develop an understanding of human behavior. In addition, Husson’s psychology degree program can prepare psychology majors for the Maine State Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community certification (MHRT/C), bachelor's level entry positions common to most community mental health agencies, or for graduate school admission.

Students who choose to take courses required by the State of Maine to fulfill the MHRT/C may apply for this certificate upon graduation. This is a credential necessary for employment in entry level mental health positions at mental health agencies throughout the state of Maine. Such positions in the mental health field are typically referred to as "case management" or "community integration services" positions. These situations typically involve working as part of team providing case management and skills development to adults with mental health or co-occurring disorders (i.e., substance abuse). Additionally, individuals in these posts assist clients in recovery doing individual and group work by providing skills-based services (e.g., communication skills development, independent living skills training, health education, etc.). Entry level appointments also require employees to  have a working knowledge of housing options, entitlement programs, and the ability to work as part of a treatment team with other professionals in various fields (e.g., psychologists, physicians, occupational therapists, etc.).

Students may also complete a psychology curriculum  tailored to their own to pursue an individualized career path or attend graduate school. Depending on a student’s individual interests, a psychology degree can create a solid foundation for entering a competitive job or academic market. Students working toward a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology are highly encouraged to complete a minor.

Each psychology major is assigned an advisor who can ensure that the student takes classes that are most appropriate. Students interested in earning the MHRT/C certificate work with advisors to make sure courses required by the State of Maine are completed.

Copies of the curriculum sheet are available on the Husson University website, an advisor or any Psychology faculty member.

The School also offers a Psychology minor of 21 credit hours.

The undergraduate psychology program also supports the Dual degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. This is a five-year dual degree program in which the student, upon completion of program requirements, is awarded the degrees of B.S. in Criminal Justice and B.S. in Psychology.

Faculty in the News

husson-academics-cosh-christineselby.jpgOur psychology faculty are respected leaders in their field.

“You must both be willing to admit that you don’t work together as a couple. Maintaining a healthy relationship post-breakup requires both people “to recognize what worked about the relationship and what did not.”

Christine Selby, PhD, Professor
“Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?”
Psychology Today
April 29, 2019


Like all of our faculty members, Dr. Rachelle Smith is a dedicated teacher and a distinguished scholar.

“Cognitive dissonance occurs when an individual has conflicting thoughts or behavior. To ease the discomfort, the individual either needs to change the behavior or change the belief.”

Rachelle M. Smith, PhD, Chair of Social Sciences and Associate Professor of Psychology
“5 Cognitive Biases That Explain Why People Still Don't Vaccinate”
February 21, 2019

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